How to Make Him Miss You More - 7 Extremely Good Ways to Make a Guy Feel Super Attracted to You

Published: 10th August 2010
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Whether it's a petty fight over who gets the remote control, or a break-up made possible by jealousy, every good girl knows that the trick to getting her man to miss her is striking the balance between nonchalance and sweetness. Sounds difficult, but it can be done, and in so many ways. Here are seven tips to get your man to miss you so much, he'll be at your door in seconds.

Get over the waterworks. It's completely normal to feel sorry for yourself. After all, didn't you have a honey by your side a few days ago? And now the only two men in your life are named Ben and Jerry, and you've devoured them and now they're gone. It may seem moot, this point, but if you plan on getting your man to look your way again, there is no way you can get seen teary-eyed. Wipe those tears away, and keep telling yourself how gorgeous you are.

This is a time to reconnect with your gal pals. How many girl friends have you put aside when you got into that sweet relationship with your guy? If you haven't burnt bridges yet, now is the time to call them up and treat them to a few drinks. We often forget our friends when we have a new guy in our lives, but the truth is, these friends are the ones who'll hold you down when you feel like floating away in misery. If you don't believe how gorgeous you are, they'll tell you again and again until you believe.

It's time to be an eye candy. You may not be Cindy Crawford, but you'd definitely want to be the kind of girl guys ogle at. You have every right to be, especially if you are targeting one particular guy. Get a luxurious hair treatment, go for a full-body glowing scrub, and go shopping for fab new outfits. You'll love the results. Don't expect others to build your self-esteem, when you can actually do it yourself.

"Hi there! I'm..." Don't be afraid to meet new people. Remember, you're not exactly meeting people to replace the one you're missing. You simply want to indulge in a bigger social circle. The more people you know, the more people there are to appreciate you. New friends are a great way to boost self-esteem. It makes you feel you're interesting as they get to know you better.

Take his call. Casually. When the guy realizes he's missing you, he will muster the courage to give you a call. When you hear from him, never ever squeal in delight. If you must, never do so when he can hear you. Doing so will only tell him you're so ready to take him back. And remember, you want him to miss you enough to really make it right the next time around. So pick up and say hello ever so casually. Entertain the call like a friend and never show him you're upset.

When he gets emotional, that doesn't mean you should too. Guys are given the natural talent to sweet-talk girls. If you keep falling for the first lines of his sweet speech, you'll also keep falling on the losing edge. He needs to know he can't depend on words alone to convince you. This is the perfect time to prove to him your worth. You're not someone who can be bought with words and flowers. Listen to what he's really saying, or what he's not. And if your heart tells you you're not convinced, you probably aren't.

Tell him the take a number. Finally, he wants to ask you out to make it up to you because he's missed you so much. You can sweetly tell him you're busy this week, and he'll have to maybe ask again next time. It will drive him nuts thinking about what you're up to. Of course, it will take a great deal of courage on your end, and a whole lot of self-control. But trust us when we say, the results are so going to be worth it.

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