How to Make Him Miss You? Here Are the Keys Which Will Make a Man Desperately Miss You

Published: 01st September 2010
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Don't make yourself miserable thinking that your lover doesn't miss you or care enough for you. Look on the bright side of things. The fact that you are away from each other gives him an opportunity to miss you. As the old adage says "Absence makes the heart fonder" and you should take advantage of the situation instead of sending him a hundred messages. Take a look at these tips which will help you to stay calm and encourage your lover to miss you.

Stop the needless and mindless calling
Give the poor guy a chance to miss you. He needs the time and space to realize that he misses having you around. If you keep getting in touch with him its like you never went away. Moreover it could really be irritating and pushy - so stop calling or messaging him. In fact the silence could get him to wonder if you are missing him!

Take part in activities
If you go around making friends and keeping company with others it will help you to stop being love sick. Moreover what you can do is send your lover pictures of you having a great time. Show him that you are happy and confident of your relationship with him. He will miss you when he sees the pictures and want you back.

Don't be careless about your appearance
The time away is the best time to work on your appearance. Get ready to give your guy a pleasant and delightful surprise by looking fantastic. Once you are in top shape and looking terrific you can send him your picture - he will want you back where you belong!

Make the time apart strengthen your relationship
Let your man know that you are still faithful to him. Once your man knows that you will not cheat on him he is bound to start missing you. Send him tender messages once in a while and don't force him to answer. This tactic is known to bring great results.

Leave him subtle reminders of you
A clever woman will make sure that there is a little something of her everywhere in his house - her perfume on the pillows, a article of clothing left behind and even her pictures on his table - to make him remember!

Make references to special places
When you talk to him or send him a message you can casually pass a remark about a particular place that was really special to the both of you. This will automatically conjure up images of the two of you in his mind.

Play your cards right
You will have to work hard but do all you can to make him realize that you are the one for him. Take dancing lessons and let him know about it. He is going to drive himself crazy imagining you in the arms of another guy dancing to romantic music.

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