How to Make Him Mine Forever - Here is What it Takes to Keep a Guy Around As Long As You Want Him

Published: 09th August 2010
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It is every woman's desire that she has the undying and everlasting love and devotion of her man. Unfortunately, there are many who end up lonely and sad because their man has left them for someone else. Here are some tips as to how to keep your man forever.
Build a solid foundation
It is important to get close and bond with your man. Building the foundation of love and trust is the main thing that will keep the relationship going on forever. Too many couples don't bother with this and find that their relationship cannot stand the storms that are sure to come and thus crumble!

Let him know and love the real you
When there are no skeletons in the closet, no dark secrets or lies and the relationship is open and honest, the chances of having a lasting relationship are greater. Don't hide anything from him and let him get to know and love you for who you really are.

Be ready for sacrifices
If you think your man is worth it - then be ready to give more! Making a few sacrifices in the relationship will only help to strengthen the love between each other. Once he realizes that you care for him like no one else does, he will automatically love you back in the same way.

Understand your man
Too many women lose their men because of the lack of understanding in the relationship. If you love him then you should take the trouble to understand him - his desires, wants, needs, moods and emotions. Learn to accept his faults and weaknesses and he will fall even more in love with you.

He needs his space
If you are too demanding, bossy, clingy and possessive your man will want to leave sooner or later. No man would want to be in a relationship that is too suffocating. If you clip his wings - he will fly away sooner than you think!

Respect plays a big part in a happy relationship
If you give your man respect he will love and respect you back. No matter who is the main bread winner in the family, you have to love and honor your man. Once a man feels respected in his own home, he gets more confident and self assured. Moreover, he is motivated to be the perfect lover!

Be faithful to your man
Too many women have lost their men because of their flirty, cheating ways. Prove your love to your man by having eyes just for him. Be faithful and true and your man will never have to doubt you. He will stay true to you and want to be yours forever when he sees this quality in you.

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