How to Make Him Marry You? Here Are the Actions You Must Take to Make a Guy Want to Marry You

Published: 01st September 2010
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Most of us have gone through the "will he/wont he" dilemma. Men are strange creatures and although they love you and want to spend time with you some of them just are not willing to commit to marriage. While your relationship can be fun the way it is now you do want to know where it is heading. So, if you feel that you want to get married to this guy then here are a few ways to get him to marry you.

Give him space
If its space your guy craves give it to him and do so willingly. Make your man feel like you are not trying to manipulate his time or trying to hog it. Respect his needs for male bonding or game nights like a true sport and see how your man begins to value you.

Begin to fill up your time
Now with all the spare time you have take up some action sports like bungee jumping, rock climbing or any sport that's fun and what your boyfriend would like to do. Tell him of all the fun you are having and watch him wonder as to why you are not including him in all these activities. Let him see the fun side of you and make him realize that you are a fun girl; one not to be let go.

Make plans for holidays minus him
Plan an exotic vacation with your girlfriends and begin raving about all the fun things that you are planning on doing there. The thought of you in an exotic destination will definitely get him thinking on the possibilities of loosing you and before you board the flight he will have definitely spoken to you about your future.

Start taking major financial decisions
You could also look like taking charge of making all the financial decisions around your life. It could be about buying a house or changing jobs or relocating to another city for better prospects. On being questioned you can simply say that "it's not like we are married". Home see him find a way of making you stay.

Start "hanging out" with your male friends
Start going out with your male friends. Men in relationships do not understand platonic relationships and he will be going berserk with the thought of a free you with other men. Marriage therefore pops up inevitably thereafter.

Behave like marriage is the inevitable
You can also start talking like getting married is inevitable. Talk about your future together, investments that you could make or even growing old. He will get the message and propose.

Get him a map/compass
If he still doesn't get the hint then take him to a store and buy him a map or a compass. Tell him clearly and point out that this is where you are standing now and he needs to decide what he wants. He can take his time to decide and come back and find that you might be there waiting but you might not as well.

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