How to Make Him Love You! Here is What Will Make Him Feel Endless Love & Attraction For You

Published: 01st September 2010
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You've got your eyes on this guy but don't really know how to make him love you. Or you have been with your lover for some time now but feel that he is losing interest and doesn't seem to love you any more. Whatever be the case- the fact remains that you want to make him love you. This is not so difficult if you follow these tips.

Three little words will make a difference
Let him know that you love him. Saying "I love you" and doing things with an attitude to back those words will let your lover know that he is truly appreciated. Other little things like giving him a hug, making his favorite dish and appreciating all he does will show him that he is not being taken for granted. If women love to know they are loved - men are not far behind.

Let trust be your secret weapon
The moment a man knows that he is being trusted - he will do his best to uphold that trust. Trusting your man means giving him the time and space he needs and allowing him to be himself without you looking over his shoulder and being over-possessive. Your man will automatically love you when he knows that you love him enough to trust and believe in him.

Make your lover feel wonderful around you
Your man should love to hang around you. If you give him the time and attention he craves and is always exciting and attractive there is no way he is going to stray from you. He will come to love you more and more when times with you are filled with laughter, fun, seriousness and passion.

Remember he loved you once so it should be easy to reignite the flames of love and passion. Let him see you as the person you were when your love was fresh.

Be faithful
Show him that you are faithful. Nobody likes a double-minded person that bends like a reed in the wind. If your man does not admire you for qualities like faithfulness and honesty then how can he even begin to love you? When your man recognizes these qualities in you it will blossom into love. It will help when he sees you as an attractive woman with assets that make his blood race, but if you are trustworthy, honest and open you will be even more attractive.

Keep the fires of love and mutual attraction burning by proving to your man that you are all that he desires in a woman and he will love you and reciprocate your feelings.

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