How to Make Him Like You Again? This Works Even If You Feel He Will Never Like You Again

Published: 23rd August 2010
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Who says it's easy to move on and forget the man you loved. Sometimes, it doesn't even matter how much he hurt you in the past, what you care about is how to make him like you again.

A hopelessly romantic female can easily get over the pain especially as soon as her man enters the door again. However, wining him back isn't as easy as it seems. It requires tremendous task and careful planning to reassure that he will stay right beside you for as long as you want.

These tips are proven to be effective in making him like you again.

1. Chasing him is the worst idea.

Running after him is a desperate move that all man hate from their ex-girlfriends. Showing him that you are dying to win him back is not just a stupid move but also an act of suicide because it shows how low you don't value your dignity. All men hate women who don't respect themselves, so don't beg and plead.

2. Don't be emotional.

Men are more logical in nature while most women are very sentimental. Tears make a man more concerned to his girl while the relationship is okay, but it's opposite when he is trying to move away. Don't make him think of your tears as emotional black mail. The more you make him guilty, the farther he will walk away.

3. Start making yourself busy.

Showing that your life didn't stop moving when he left will leave him puzzled and his ego hurt. This sense of curiosity will be the same magnet to attract him to you again. Exercise and join sports.

4. You need a make-over.

As soon as he started drifting away or the moment he leaves the door should be the same time for you to change how you look. Change your hair color and style. Put on some light make up. Wear perfume. He will definitely regret leaving you once he sees these improvements.

5. Admit your faults and give him space.

If you are more to blame for the break up, tell him how sorry you are then leave without turning back. Let him realize that the separation made you a better person. Suddenly giving him the freedom and the space to breathe will make him miss the same girl who bugged him every now and then.

6. Don't be around him but hang out with your common friends.

Stay in touch by meeting your mutual friends. Maintaining a healthy social life will reach his ears and make him wonder how you can still meet the same people you both used to hang out with. This will challenge his ego. Then, he will start investigating and apparently knocking at your door.

7. Avoid mentioning the past.

Does any one enjoy listening to a broken record? Men hate feeling guilty, so stop making him remember the time when he tore you to pieces. Make him realize that the experience has made you a better person.

A man who is worth the love and the sacrifice belongs to the woman who is willing enough to do it. So, don't hesitate to initiate the first move for as long as you don't appear cheap.

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