How to Make Him Call More? Here is How to Trigger His Mind to Call You More and More

Published: 01st September 2010
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Women are faced with this problem all the time...their love interest/boyfriend never seems to call enough. It seems that men simply do not value the importance of calls as women do. If your man falls in this category of men who just don't call enough then read on to find out how you can get your man to become a changed man and call you more often.

Stop calling him
Unless you stop calling him, he will not call you. That is a fact. Promise yourself that you will not call and speak to him unless he calls you. No matter how urgent something is, don't call him unless it is a matter of life and death. Each time you reach for the phone tell yourself that "I am not calling him, he will call me".

Don't be too eager to talk to him
When he calls you don't go overboard and tell him how much you missed talking to him etc, be very cool and speak as if you did not even notice that you hadn't spoken for a long time. Get him a little worried by seeming like you did not miss him at all.

Keep him waiting
When you see his number flashing on you cell phone or your land line are don't drop everything that you are doing and answer his call at the second ring. Make him wait for a bit and let the phone ring for a little longer than it should. This will build anticipation and he will be eager to know what is going on.

Disconnect his calls a couple of times
Take things a notch further and disconnect his calls a couple of times. If you feel too uncomfortable doing so then answer and tell him that you will call him back. No more talking than that. You will see that he will call almost every hour or message you to find out what's going on.

Don't offer lengthy explanations
When he asks you why you didn't take his calls or took so long to answer don't offer lengthy explanations. Just say that you were busy with work/friends/doing something at home. Make things a little mysterious to keep his interest alive

Stop the questions barrage
If he says that he will call at a particular time and doesn't, then don't barrage him with a thousand questions demanding an explanation of why he did not call you. BE a little cool and say "its fine you couldn't call" and you will find that he will never miss making that call to you again.

Don't try to track him
If he didn't call you at the time that he said he would then don't go around tracking him. Let him be for a bit and you will see that he will get drawn to you automatically.

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