How to Make an Older Guy Like You? It's Not Hard to Get an Older Guy Like You Once You Have This

Published: 06th August 2010
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While there is much ado about cougars and the era of the cougar, let's not forget the older man and why woman want an older man. Let's face it, an older man is more mature, you don't have to raise him while dating him and he knows what he wants. Allot of women prefer the older man to the immature, bratty younger man who lives doesn't know the direction of his life. But how do you attract the older man.

Here are our practical tips for bagging and tagging the older man:

Always present yourself in an attractive manner because older guys like a woman who takes care of herself. Don't downplay your natural assets but don't be trashy. The cool, sophisticated look always works.

Make sure you have good hair. It shows the man that she cares about the details and about herself. As the old saying goes, a woman's hair is her crowning glory. It doesn't even have to be long and flowing, even short hair can be attractive as long as the cut suits you and flatters you.

When applying make-up, use it well to enhance your features but make sure it's subtle and not overdone. The caked on look or space age look is a turn off for men full stop and to older men, it gives off the vibe that you're out of touch with reality.

Be yourself . Older men don't want a woman who's trying to be something she's not and more than younger men, they have less tolerance for a woman who hasn't decided what she wants. Be yourself and be happy about it and let that reflect when you interact with our older guy.

Intelligent conversation is a must. Don't talk about people and fashion and things that are inconsequential to either of you. Talk about the news, sports, bands and current issues that have serious impacts on people's lives. Older men like intelligent girls.

Don't talk about yourself too much. Older men like selfless women who show a potential to be nurturing to others. It shows that they care about others and if you're talking about yourself all the time, obviously, there's only one person you care about.

Be mature. An older man is looking for a companion, not someone that he has to raise half the time. Be mature in and cool in your approach and the way you handle him. Don't give into drama especially over little things. He'll respect you more because it shows you can handle him well.

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