How to Make an Ex Boyfriend Look at You Again! He Won't Avoid You After You Follow This

Published: 04th August 2010
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Stubborn men need to be given a thorough shaking to make them see some sense. If your ex is in a long slumber and refuses to wake up and look at you there are more things that you can do other than moping. Here is what you need to do to make your ex boyfriend look at you again.

Ignoring him works
Your ex is so expecting you to call him and hound him. He's expecting that you'll try everything to try and get him to agree to your relationship and after all the effort he's going to say no to you. Instead ignore him completely and see how stunned he gets.

Hit his ego
Men hate it when women replace them easily. They like to feel important and in some strange and twisted way a woman pining away for them makes them happy and gives them some equally stranger reassurance. But if you move on and show him that this break up is not affecting you and you are on to better pastures then his ego makes him take notice of you.

Tickle his inquisitiveness
Make him a little inquisitive about you. To do so you'll have to look busy and keep appearing in intervals. Also making sure that you are with people and out to have a good time makes him wonder what's going on in your mind and he begins to look at you again.

Get some new friends
Hanging out with the same old set of friends is not going to make him sit up and take notice. Instead grab a new set of friends, mostly male and you'll find your ex taking an interest in you again.

Treat him like a pal
When you see your ex pretend like nothing ever happened between you two. Treat him like a pal; one with whom everything is platonic and that you are almost relieved that he called off the relationship. When he sees that you don't refer to the past at all and that it makes no difference he will go nuts and begin to look at you again.

Don't be the man hunter always
If you are always seen with men then you come across as a man hunting desperado. Instead be seen hanging out with your girlfriends, your office people...the idea is to show your ex that you have a happening life and he will take notice.

Show him different sides of you
From sassy to sexy from school girl to corporate chic, show him the different sides of you and he will wake up and take notice of you.

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