How to Make a Move on a Guy - 3 Seductive Tricks Which Will Mesmerize Him Instantly!

Published: 06th August 2010
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Imagine having the power to make a move on a guy and have him instantly mesmerized to you. With these 3 seductive tricks, you can easily know how to make a move on a guy that will hook him to you so powerfully that he will never want to run away...

Trick #1: Suggest that he could never have you even if he tried -When you challenge a man in this manner, he will instantly feel the need to prove you wrong. This is because he will subconsciously feel as though he has been rejected, but will consciously feel the need to feel accepted by you.

Also, by doing this you express to him that your standards are higher than those of most women, so therefore he already views you as a gem or something precious which he "must have". This will drive him to chase you around like crazy afterward.

Trick #2: Softly flirt with him - Some women make the mistake of giving away too many hints too early, especially when it comes to flirting. Remember that it is alright to flirt, but you should do it softly and subtly.

What this means is that you suggest to him that you may like him, but leave room for him to wonder at the same time. The best way to accomplish this is to be a bit cocky. Suggest one minute that you like something about him, but the next suggest an area which he could improve.

But be careful when doing the latter, as you don't want him to feel insulted. This is why you should softly flirt, so that way he will take it as a joke when you are using this type of 'push-pull' technique.

In the end what will happen is his curiosity will build towards you even more, and he will become glued to you because you are sending him mixed signals, and he will want to "figure" you out now, because he likes the challenge you present him of not being "too easy".

Trick #3: Switch your attention to his friend(s) - Whenever you stop paying attention to a man AFTER you have already given him bits of your time, he will instantly feel challenged to get your attention back, because he will feel subconsciously ignored and rejected.

So all you have to do is switch between talking to him and then his friends when you are around him. Ask his friends questions and show interest in his friends as well; because this will make him work for your attention and will strongly seduce him towards you without him even knowing it.

You will notice him trying to become the centre of your attention again, by trying to bring the conversation back toward him or you so that he can have you all to himself. Alternating between him and other people in front of a man will always make him feel the need to "step up" his game because he will fear that he is losing your attention, and will immediately feel the need to "re-impress" you once again so that he can feel important and worthy.

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