How to Make a Man Want to Marry You? Here is How to Influence Him to Your Way of Thinking

Published: 01st September 2010
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So you have been dating exclusive for a while and are even called a "couple" but your man is not making any moves to suggest that he wants to marry you. If this is your story then you will have to make him see that every relationship has to head somewhere and that being married to you is going to be a good experience. Here are a few ways of making him want to marry you.

Make him feel comfortable
Firstly and most importantly your man has to feel comfortable with you. He cannot be walking on egg shells all the time. So, make him feel like you are his best friend, one to whom he can confide in and one who is always going to be there for him.

Give him space
Men need their space; their so called "guy time". This is very important for their self preservation. So, make way for his guy time and let him see your accommodating side.

Quit making him feel guilty
Giving him his share of guy time and then making him feel guilty for spending time without you is going to get alarm bells ringing. If you can get your weekly hours at the salon then it's only fair to let him have his time. So quit this guilt session and let him be comfortable around you. Make him see that it is very difficult to get hold of a girl who is so understanding and accommodating.

Talk about others who are getting married
Speak of your other friends who are getting married. Talk to him of the positivity in their lives and the wonderful future that they are about to begin. He should get the message.

Contemplate moving cities
If he still does not make a move, then tell him that you are looking for better opportunities and are willing to relocate if you get a good offer. This should wake him up and make him see that if he does not do anything fast then he will surely loose you.

Plan you big vacation alone
You can also start planning a big vacation that you had initially thought you would take with him minus him. Tell him that you are going with your girlfriends or that you are going alone. Let him get a little worried about you wanting to do things without him.

Pretend like you "know" that you are getting married
You could also behave like marriage is inevitable and you know that eventually you will be getting married. So, talk about your future together and start doing married stuff like getting the groceries for him. This will make him see the message loud and clear.

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