How to Make a Man Want to Marry You? Follow This & You Won't Have to Worry About it Anymore

Published: 01st September 2010
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Human nature can sometimes work against problems related to relationships. People always want to take the next step to happiness and fulfillment, regardless of how happy they are. This is especially true in terms of long-term relationships that are at a plateau. Although women are expecting the thrill of commitment, men on the other hand, tend to waiver. Here are 7 tips to help you push him in the right path:

Be honest. You need to be open about your emotions, as well as expectations before making any kind of complaint - meaning you have to discuss marriage with him. Putting pressure on your man is a no-no; however, you can inquire what his goals are in the future and how he imagines life with a family of his own. By doing this, it will give you a picture on what he thinks about marriage.

Challenge your man. Challenging him to reach his goals and to embrace all the wonderful things in life will help rejuvenate his courage, will and spirit, which would eventually make him happier with the relationship.

Renew the passion. Reviving the passion your man has for you is the easiest way to make him do anything you want him to. Use your enticing power - devour his thoughts to the brink where he would be eager to marry you.

Provide excitement. If you make your man think that he will have fun or benefit from taking the next step, then he will agree to it. It is of great importance that you attract him into the whole marriage scene with stuff he would want. Forget your own desires for a minute and talk about how your man envisions the wedding.

Think like a man. Women who are not too emotional is a turn-on for men. There is a huge chance that you will not get your man to propose if you always cry about the little things, or escalate small issues into huge problems.

Show that you are committed to him. Your man will not marry you if he is uncertain about you. Frequently tell him how much you love him and be loyal during the entire relationship.

Drop subtle hints. Men do not like being pushed into getting married. You have to learn how to mention marriage without being obvious about it. Bring it up in a casual manner without showing him in the magazine the wedding dress that you would like to wear.

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