How to Make a Man Want Only You! Here is How to Keep Him Around For As Long As You Want Him

Published: 01st September 2010
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Once you have attracted your dream guy towards you then you would want him to only notice you in the entire universe. Instead of popping up in front of his vision on a 24/7 basis, use these valuable tips to make a man want only you.

Do not run after him like a wolf chasing a rabbit
If you run after your man the entire time then you will only lose your value and his respect. Instead, keep your cool and remain slightly out of reach. Men love a good chase and you should only relish the pleasure of being wanted by the man of your dreams instead of chasing him.

Stand by him without any pre-conditions
If your man is in trouble then stand by him without imposing any pre-conditions. This will enable him to see your caring nature even while other so-called 'friends' might have left him in the lurch.

Keep on upgrading yourself
Do not let yourself loosen up mentally or physically. Your man would have fallen in love with you for your looks, your body and your caring nature. Although it seems superficial, men pay a lot of importance to physical qualities and you should ensure that you surprise him by maintaining and upgrading your looks and attitude at regular intervals.

Keep that mystery alive
Instead of revealing all about yourself in the initial courting period, keep a little mystery about your life close to you so that your man tries desperately to know more about you. This will keep the mystery alive in the relationship and make your man want you more.

Do not change on your own
You should remember that your man would have fallen in love with you due to certain inherent qualities that you might possess. Do not start doubting yourself and change into a person that you never were since this could surprise or shock your man and he might try to run away from you instead of the other way round.

Please your man
You should please your man in all possible ways, but only if you are comfortable with the thought. Do not force yourself into actions that you might regret later. Let your man appreciate your style of showing him that you love him while respect you when you refrain from certain actions. This will make your man appreciate your honesty and love you even more.

Remain in control of your own life
In your bid to make your man want you, do not turn into a doormat. Your man will only trample you and your wishes if you cannot stand up for yourself. Your man would want an intelligent woman that loves and fights fairly instead of someone that only nods her head.

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