How to Make a Man Smile! Here Are Some Very Effective Ways to Easily Make Him Smile

Published: 05th August 2010
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Men are not complicated creatures, so they say. Sometimes, women simply can't figure them out and they have to read articles online or on magazines just to know the answers. Okay... how can you make a man smile?

Provide him his little comforts
Men appreciate little comforts, and these mean a lot to them. A nice clean bed sheet, a hearty breakfast, those things. A back massage while he's busy finishing his report, or a hot mug of cocoa while he's watching the late news does wonders.

Send him a random message
A little hello on his email or a text message telling him you miss him will brighten his day. You can also leave a note in his shoe, or in his wallet. A naughty message usually brings a smile on his face.

Indulge him
If he invites you to watch a ball game, go ahead and have fun together. Let him teach you how chess is played. Help him assemble his robot model. Or you can challenge him to his favorite video game - the loser gets to do the other's bidding that night.

Let the surprises flow
Spontaneity does a lot to make a man smile. Save up for a gadget he's long dreamed of, or send the kids to their grandparents for the night. It takes some creativity to come up with something that he isn't expecting, but it's always worth it.

Come up with ways to tease him
Dress up for him, flirt with him, use your body language to make his imagination run wild. Ask him what his biggest fantasy is, and just maybe...

Have an adventure together
Plan something that neither of you has done before, or haven't done since you were kids. Go on a hiking trip, or to a carnival. Be playful. Leave your problems behind and be children once again.

Make him your man
If you notice another woman eying your man, don't get jealous (or don't show it if you are). Let it slide. But next time, when a man starts eying you and your guy notices, give him a random kiss or a hug. Let the other guy (and the whole world) know that you are your man's. This will definitely make him smile.

Remember, if you want to make your man smile, it's not only through the things that you do. You can make him smile simply by being the woman he loves, because you're you, and you're there for him.

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