How to Make a Man Respect You & Treat You the Way You Truly Deserve! A Must Read For You

Published: 09th August 2010
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Making a man to respect you can sometimes be a really hard task especially in today's world where relationships are not even taken seriously. But if you are really serious about him and want him to respect you then here are some tips.

Act like you deserve the respect...Never put yourself down

First thing first, if you really want him to respect you then you should act like you deserve that, respect your self first. Be bold and confident; speak up for your self. Do not let anyone disrespect you.

Give him respect...It has to be mutual
You must have heard the saying, what goes around comes around, so if you really want him to respect you then you must respect him to. Give him space; do not always tell him what to wear or what not to wear. Let him do what he wants to

Be cool and calm about things
Draw your own line; don not let him to boss you around. You should do what you want to and let him know what you like and dislike, men would never know what you like or dislike until you tell them

Dress attractively but with a grace
Men would never respect you if you are wearing a top which exposes everything. They would always take you as a sex symbol. If you want your man to respect you then you should dress gracefully.

Be patient
Do not have sex on your first date; wait until he really gets to know you and be interested in you. Otherwise he would merely have sex with you and then dump you after a few dates.

Be your best self as often as possible
It's not necessary that you should start liking what he likes; you should always be who you are. If you don't like baseball then you really don't have to torture yourself to watch it, cause one day the real you will come out and then he will dump you. Do not try to hard for him to like you, let him fall in love with the real you.

Talk sensibly...Words matter a lot
Men always respect women who are intelligent; talking dirty will never lead you to being respected. Talking dirty would only lead the man to think about sex, engage him in an intellectual conversation, talk about your interests and try to find out what he likes.

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