How to Make a Man Pursue You! Become the Ultimate Guy Magnet Who Naturally Gets Chased by Men

Published: 11th August 2010
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Imagine that you met an incredibly attractive guy in a party, your conversation went well and you've been hanging out since then. It's been great but you want to head on to the next level-now you're aiming for him to pursue you.

How can you make this possible? A woman can act or talk in certain ways which can effectively convey the message they want to extend. More than that, they can use their femininity to be able to have what they want. If you want that guy to pursue you, listed below are some helpful tips.

Show him your good side

In the event that both of you know each other and have spent a few times together, you want to be able to give the guy an impression on what a good catch you are. In an attempt to do this, show him what a beautiful person you are inside and out.

Be beautiful

Every woman is beautiful, some just don't know how to showcase their God-given beauty. The first you can do is to enhance your beauty by wearing a little make up. This will enhance your features. You can also dress in more feminine pieces like dresses or skirts. A beautiful woman is definitely irresistible.

Be bankable

This can be done in many different ways. But to make an impact you may want to appear as being desired by many men. A man can't resist a woman whom they know are also desired by many other members of the male species. Remember that men are competitive; they would do everything not to be out won.

Be kind and gentle

Men regard kindness as one of the many admirable traits a woman should have. Sure they can be attracted to females who seem to be rough and tough. But in the long run, they would want to settle with a woman who is feminine in every possible way, in short, one who's well-mannered.

Be the most supportive partner

Men seek someone who can support them. Since they don't get this kind of support with male friends they would want their partner to be supportive in a totally different level. For instance, make him feel that no matter what happens, you would still believe in him and would always laud him.

Be a fun person

In the span of time that both of you spend with each other, make sure that the fun never stops. Men will be more encouraged to pursue a woman who is not boring.

To preserve the mystery, be unavailable at times

You want him to chase you. To be chased you need to act elusive at times. This will encourage a man's competitive streak. Remember that when he's roused to compete, he'd do everything in his power to win-in this case, he'd do all he can to win your attention.

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