How to Make a Man Obsessed With You! Here Are the Tricks Every Woman Must Learn

Published: 01st September 2010
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Chasing after your dream man will only end in disappointment. Even if you do like a man at any party you should ensure that he chases after you.

Use these tips on how to make a man obsessed with you and watch your dream man try to win you even as you enjoy the chase.

Use your eyes to hypnotize him
You can beckon your man even if he is standing at a distance from you. You should ensure that you look at him at regular intervals and lock your eyes with his the moment he looks at you. Let your eyes wander hypnotically over his body before you shift your gaze. Your man will now realize that you want him to approach you.

Talk to him with your eyes
Even as he introduces himself to you and enters into a casual conversation, make sure that your eyes tell a different story. Talk to him with your expressive eyes that indicate what you actually want to do with him. This will drive him wild and he will now start chasing you with every ounce of his energy.

Remain formal and out of reach
Evan as your eyes give him the come- hither look, you should physically retain your distance and act formally with him. You should convey a feeling that you want him but he cannot have you as this will drive him crazy with desire and make him obsessed in winning you.

Humor him and get closer to him
If his jokes are truly laughable then laugh by all means and use it as an excuse to lightly touch his arms before flipping your head back. Most men still love this routine and your man too could enjoy the attention that you are showering upon him.

Say yes to a date without shouting or dancing
If your enamored man now asks you for a date then do not start shouting or dancing with happiness. Instead, a shy smile with your positive answer will have him leaping into the air.

Dress to kill
You should make sure to go in for a makeover that simply improves your looks instead of changing them drastically as your man would have fallen for you due to your specific looks. However, get a makeover to improve your skin texture and wear the best clothes possible to take your man's breath away on the first date and make him obsessed with you.

Do not offer yourself to your man
Do not think that by yielding physically and mentally that your man will fall in love with you. Instead, reveal all your facets slowly and mysteriously with each consecutive date so as to keep the fires of desire burning bright within your man.

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