How to Make a Man Miss Me! Here is How to Make Him Get Super Anxious When You Aren't Around

Published: 09th August 2010
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Guys are not as emotional as girls are. For girls, it's normal to convey or express emotions like missing someone, but for guys it's kind of difficult for them to feel or even say these things. Since guys are always busy with things and would not easily sit down and ponder, they sometimes miss out on great aspects in their relationship. If you're a girl and wants to feel that you are missed in your absence, here are some helpful tips for you to do:

If you want to be missed, be unavailable

This is the topmost rule. How can a guy miss you if you are always there? If both of you have made plans, you can cancel them and politely excuse yourself. It would make him wonder and would make him feel your absence.

It's alright to spend some time with other people

Maybe you're always seeing each other. Limiting your time will ensure that you are missed. The more he doesn't see you the more he would want to see you again.

Be emotionally unavailable

You can do this by not responding to petty whims he asks of you. If you're always there to support him and make efforts for him, then it's time that you lessen that time and attention you give. It's not enough that he doesn't see you; you also have to make him feel that you can't be too focused on him each time.

Keep phone conversations short

When he calls you, answer it but make sure that you keep it short. The less he talks with you, the more he would want to talk more. This is a certain fact among guys, the less interaction you provide the more they'd want it.

Go on a trip somewhere

Just make sure that he knows about it, you wouldn't want to appear like you don't value him anymore. The less time you spend with him the more he would want to spend more time with you is always the basic rule. Being in a relationship shouldn't stop you from being adventurous.

In your absence, do something special for him

You can send him a postcard or something while you are away. This is to ensure that you think about him even if you haven't been together.

Tell him that he is greatly missed

This is the final thing that you should do. Say something like, "I haven't seen you for quite some time, I miss you." Your verbal affirmation of missing him will make him feel special and loved.

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