How to Make a Man Miss Me! Here is How to Automatically Make Him Obsessed With You Real Fast

Published: 09th August 2010
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Men are very different compared to women when it comes to expressing how they feel. Women just say what's on their mind, but men try to conceal how they feel as much as possible. If you are a woman who is trying to get the affection of your partner, and you make him want to utter the words "I miss you", read below and find seven ways to make him do so.

Try not to pamper him all the time Doing favors for your man all the time would make him very comfortable in a relationship and he might end up taking you for granted. Try and make him stand up to his own two feet and he will realize how hard it is without you around.

Go and spend some quality time with your friends Being together all the time makes a relationship and your date nights like a cycle that you would want to get over with. Seeing each other less would make your guy miss you and want to be with you more.

Try to lessen giving him what he needs emotionally Emotional connection is important to a relationship to keep it going. But giving too much of this might send a wrong signal to the guy and might make him take you for granted. Prevent this from happening by making him feel that he cannot get everything he wants.

Do not take too long in conversing with him over the phone Guys normally call their girlfriends to know how they are doing and ask some random stuff. Make him miss you more by shortening the time of the conversations you have. Rest assured he will want more of you during your free time.

Book a vacation without him Make him feel that you can have a grand time for yourself without involving him. But when you do this, make sure he knows all the details.

Make him feel your presence even if you are away While you are away, make your presence felt by sending over some short texts or calls. This will definitely make him want you to come home.

Let him know that you miss him a lot Tell him how much fun you are having with your vacation and let him know how it would feel like if you were there with him. This will let him know that he is missed and he will be returning the favor by telling you he misses you as well.

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