How to Make a Man Interested After He Backed Away! Here is How to Turn the Tables & Get His Interest

Published: 10th August 2010
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Nothing hurts more than being rejected by someone who matters so much to you. If you have been in a relationship and your man backed away or you're in an "almost" relationship and suddenly your man stirred away, it could be really painful and frustrating.

If you can't easily move on and see that the relationship still has a chance to work out, these are simple tips you can apply to make him interested again.

Let go and be happy

If you can't do this at least appear to be. Since men have big egos it would be quite a boost for them to think that you are still having fun when they're around. Be happy and live your own life, it would intrigue him to see that you are happy even without him.

Be highly mysterious

It would make him uninterested if he knew everything about you. What you want to do is to create a sense of mystery again. It would be your leverage if once again he cannot predict what you will do or say.

Be more beautiful than before

This time is especially not the time to neglect the way you look. Sure you are depressed and want to lounge in your pajamas and eat ice cream all day. But you have to make an impression again. Dress the way you never dressed when you were with him-this time, dress more attractively.

Remember that being single is sexy

It puts you in the market again, better use this as an advantage to be sold in high. Remember that men go for the first prize. Do better now that you're single; improve your work, your craft and yourself. Let the best you shine through and before you know it, he will be begging to set a date with you!

Be pursued-make him work hard to achieve you

Once he knows that you are being pursued by other men, he will most likely flinch in jealousy. Why? It would hurt his ego to know that he just let go of someone who is now being chased. The more you are pursued, the more he will want you back.

Be unavailable even when you're aching to be with him

A man doesn't want someone who's needy. If you are too readily available, he might neglect you. But if he can't squeeze in your time, the more he would want to be a part of it.

If all else fails, let go

A woman doesn't need a man who doesn't need her. If he can't see how wonderful you are, someone else will.

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