How to Make a Man Go Crazy For You! Make Him Want You More Than Ever With These Tips

Published: 05th August 2010
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Different men go for different types of women. But there seems to be a general consensus on what most men find attractive. If you want a guy to go crazy for you, then look at the women who draw more attention from men:

They are attractive
Attractive does not necessary mean extremely good looking. It means they pay attention to how they look, but don't make a huge fuss about it either. And they dress appropriately.

They don't try too hard impress
They are generally pleasant to be with, but they don't try to do everything a man wants just to obtain his unadulterated approval. If you want a man to go crazy for you, you need to be your own person and be pleasing, but don't try too hard to please. In fact, being his "slave" and bowing down to his every whim will make him lose interest - and respect - for you.

They are independent
These women are usually strong-spirited people who can stand up for themselves - without shedding their femininity. You, too, need to be able to function on your own, be self-reliant, and take care of your own needs. Do not wait for him (or anyone) to push you around - you need to stretch out, grow and be productive.

They are self-confident
Men actually find confident women sexy. They are poised and they carry themselves well. This is not something that is learned from any modeling class, instead it is the revelation of one's attitude or feeling about oneself. You need to believe in yourself and in what you can do.

They are happy
These women are happy with their lives - either with their man or without him. If you want a guy to go crazy for you, then take it from these women. They enjoy life as it is, and they don't cling.

They are worthy of respect
There is something about these women that men respect. They have dignity and self-esteem. They make their lives worth something. Remember, although the guy will initially get attracted to your appearance, it is to your character that he will be drawn in.

They are fascinating
Men don't go for perfect, they go for interesting. They also like to hunt, chase, discover, and solve. So if you want a guy to go crazy for you, don't pour your whole life right onto his lap. Be yourself, be fun, be spontaneous, be adventurous. Also, be there but quite out of reach.

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