How to Make a Man Feel Needed! Here Are the Tips You Absolutely Need to Read Right Now

Published: 05th August 2010
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Even though guys are perceived as tough and who show little emotions, they also sometimes want to feel loved and needed, especially with the woman they care so much about. You always have to make sure that you make your man feel like you need him so that he will be happy to always stay with you and be around you. Here are some tips to make your man feel that way:

Talk to him about a problem you know he can solve
If you know that your man is good at giving solutions to problems that are work related, make sure you ask help from him about your situation at work. Make it appear as if he is the only one who can provide solution to the problem, even though you already know how you will deal with it. This way, he will feel important and needed.

Ask him to help you with things around the house
Even though you will appear helpless and seemingly like a damsel in distress, make sure you ask help from him with the things around the house. There are things in the house that only a man can do, like plumbing or anything electrical. Call him the moment you have problems in the house that would require a man's job.

Let him know that he is a great listener
Emphasize to your man that he is a very good listener. When you do this, he will surely feel that you need him every time you need someone to talk to. Make him feel that you always can confide to him about anything.

Always ask for his opinion about almost anything
Do not hesitate to ask him how he feels about certain things, like your disagreement with your boss or your problem with your family. You need to let him know you value his opinion and you care about what he says.

Let him know he always completes your day
Always make it a point to tell him that being with him is enough to complete your day. This would tell him that you value his presence.. He would feel that he is someone who is very important in your life.

Tell him you always enjoy being around him
Let him know all the time that it is always fun to be around him and that you enjoy every moment that you're together. When he knows that you enjoy his company, he would feel that he has an important role in your life.

Ask for a big hug at the end of the day
You can ask for his help, with even the most simple thing like cooking a meal or washing the dishes. But nothing beats being romantic and all cuddly with him at the end of the day. This would make your man feel that he isn't just the handyman in your life but also your greatest lover.

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