How to Make a Man Feel Like a Man! Follow These Tips and Get the Desired Results Real Fast

Published: 06th August 2010
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Let's face it, men have a certain pride and image of themselves that they always want to protect and uphold. They do not want to ever feel weak, emotional, or incapable of doing things. Because guys are generally all like this, here are some things you can do in order to let your man feel like he is a man, especially if he is not feeling macho and confident lately.

Boost his ego, every so often

The best way to make him feel like a real man is if you say things that would boost his ego. For instance, tell him that you couldn't do things without him as he is the only one who knows how to do things around the house. Make sure you let him feel strong and great, maybe even bordering on superman with every chance that you can get.

Find out what he is good at and let him know his strengths

If you two have been together for so long, you probably know things he is good at. If he is excellent in bed, let him know that he is just amazing every time you get to bed with him. Compliment him about his work ethics when you see how dedicated he is.

Thank him for making you feel special

You should constantly remind your man that he is exactly everything you are looking for in a man. Thank him for always taking care of you and making you always feel safe and protected.

Let him take charge

Any simple action can make him more like a man so take advantage of these things. For example, you can make him decide on things around the house, even what you will order when you are in the restaurant. Let him have a say in almost every decision that involves him.

Let him do things his way

If he is driving and you know of a shorter route than where he is going, do not bother arguing with him. Let him do things his way and do not make him feel that he is wrong, even if he may actually really be.

Allow him to venture out on new things

Support your man in every way you can. For instance, if he wants to venture out in a new business, let him know he can do it and show your support in things he will be doing. Do not discourage him from achieving what he really wants in life.

Remind him of how responsible he is

Even though he has his own shortcomings at time, still remind him that he is responsible. If he is feeling down because he forgot something important, tell him that sometimes we have our lapses but he is still the most responsible person you know.

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