How to Make a Man Feel Good! The Best Way to Keep a Man Around is to Make Him Feel Good

Published: 06th August 2010
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You may not know this but men also tend to be as insecure as women. Women worry about their looks all the time but men also sometimes lose confidence in themselves. If you feel that your man has a low morale lately, there are a lot of tips you can look into in order to boost his confidence and ego.

Read on to see how you can make your man feel good about himself and about your relationship:

Compliment him all the time

Tell your man how good he is in his work or in being a son to his parents. Of course, it is not proper to give him compliments which are not true. Look into things that he is good at and work on giving him compliments based on this.

Tell him he's the best

Always let him know he is the best boyfriend in everything he does. Tell him he is good in taking care of you. Give him an ultimate ego boost by telling him he is the best whenever you are in bed.

Tell him always that you love him

No matter what happens, despite his shortcomings and mistakes, tell him you love him. Do not make him feel that he is the most incompetent man if he was 10 minutes late in picking you up. Forgive and understand your man despite his shortcomings.

Always be there to support him

No matter what activity or endeavor he is going to undertake, make sure you show your support. Believe in him and his abilities no matter how difficult his future task is. Give him a lending hand if ever he needs your skills.

Listen to him with all intent-all the time

Make sure your man know that there is someone who is willing to listen to him. The things he tells you do not always have to be good. Let him know he can open up to you about anything. Tell him what you also think about his issues in his workplace and don't forget to remind him that he is a good man no matter what.

Treat him with respect and you'll reap the rewards

Your boyfriend is not just someone who you can show off to your friends. Your man has feelings and needs. Treat him with the same treatment as you do anybody. Knowing he loves you does not give you the right to boss him around. Let him feel important and special in your life.

Remind him that he is wonderful

Last of all, always tell your man that he is a wonderful person and that he can do anything because you believe in him. Make sure you always mean what you say to him and never say things that are obviously not true.

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