How to Make a Man Chase You! Follow This & You Will Stand Out in a Man's Mind Almost Instantly

Published: 23rd August 2010
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Are you frustrated about the fact that your boyfriend is not really pursuing you enough? If you are scared about doing all the chasing and ending up a failure take a look at these tips mentioned below and learn how to get him to chase you.

Is he "into you"?
When a guy is really interested and into you then he WILL do all the chasing. He will talk to you, spend most of his time with you and no matter what - he will pursue you like you were the last woman on earth. The fact is that he will do this only when he knows that you are the woman for him.

Encourage him
Are you approachable? Is there anything in your manner or personality that puts up a "NO further" sign? It could be that he lacks the confidence he needs to pursue you. A little bit of encouragement on your part will certainly go a long way!

Don't do the chasing
If you are going to do all the chasing and pursuing, then he is going to sit back and enjoy the ride! As long as it suits him fine, he will keep showing up. But he will not change his behavior and start chasing you. If he has not done it before you got intimate with him he is not likely to do it after!

Let him know your feelings
This means not letting him get too comfortable with the way things are. Don't let him get used to you chasing him. Stop pampering him and let him know what you think for a change. Stop all mail, calls and messages and respond only when he communicates with you. If he does not want to lose you - he will chase you.

Use the powerful tool of jealousy
If the guy thinks you are too easy and available he could take you for granted. The trick is to play a little hard to get and if you are sure that he has feelings for you he is sure to get jealous if you flirt with other guys, and chase you.

Get busy
It is time to start doing the things you always wanted to do. This is a sure way to have fun and at the same time stop being so available. He will notice that you are having a great time without him and make him want you like crazy.

Have a huge friend circle
The moment your guy notices that you have a huge friend circle and a whole lot of male friends to boot, he is going to start wondering if he is going to lose you to one of them. Just hanging out with them and not necessarily going out on dates will make him insecure and chase you like his life depended on it!

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