How to Make a Man Chase a Woman! Here Are the Ultimate Keys Every Woman Should Know

Published: 01st September 2010
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If the man refuses to play by the dating rules and plays hard to get then you have to get back to him in subtle ways and make him chase you. However to do this the woman has to be sure that she likes the man and sees in him a potential mate for the long term. Here are seven ways by which a man will begin to chase the woman.

Impressing him
A woman will have to impress the man that she is the perfect woman for him. It is essential that the woman make suitable changes to attract him. This could be in the looks department or in the cerebral department. For a man to leave everything and chase you this is a small price a woman has to pay.

Inspire him to confidently approach the woman
Sometimes a man may like a woman but will not have the required confidence to approach her for a date or an evening out. He may also hesitate to tell the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with the woman. If the woman takes the initiative and soothes and calms his nerves he will muster enough courage to pop the question. Confidence building measures are required in such situations.

Date others
To bring a sense of urgency in the man the woman concerned should begin dating other men. If the man realizes that time is of the essence then he may begin the chase.

Appear within reach
A woman will have to show the man that he can win her affection if only he tries a little bit harder. For this the woman should send signals that she is interested in him. This will act as an incentive for him to begin the chase.

Advertise Sexuality
When the woman shows that she is indeed a sexual animal the man will be prompted to chase the woman. For this the woman will have to overtly send subtle sexual signals to the man. Very few men can resist a sexy babe.

Romantic angle
Along with the above mentioned point the woman should also exhibit her romantic credentials. A love for the fine things in life and willingness to enjoy good, corny humor along with the ability to emotionally connect to people will interest the man and he will know that if he does not move someone else will grab this beauty.

Encourage the chase
By agreeing to his idea of a date and encouraging him with brilliant suggestions the woman can give him enough room to chase her. She should be ready to take extra efforts to make his chase successful.

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