How to Make a Man Ask You Out For a Date? Here Are the Ultra Effective Tricks Which Work Very Well

Published: 01st September 2010
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What could be the first to be in a relationship? The first thing is to get inside his head. He needs to imagine you. He must be in awe of you. He must be intrigued and must feel a desire or urge to be interested in you.

Here are 7 ways to make him think about you as his girlfriend instead of just a hookup:

Be complete. Be contented first without being in a relationship. Think that a man does not complement you. Start to live your life and do it in the best possible way you can. Thank the real people who complete you.

Display self-confidence. Your tune: "I am the most wanted entity." It is of great importance that if you doubt yourself, you have to fake it until you make it. Be fabulous and it should start with you. People will not know if you do not do it. Know your worth. If you know it, it will sell like pancakes.

Be classy. A recent Cosmopolitan study showed that more than half of the guys are most attracted with "the girl next door" appearance. The "sex bomb", on the other hand, was favored by just 12%. Think and act beautiful the natural way. Stop being a hard-to-get for guys. You will just get a swag call if you do this.

Expect the right thing. Expecting too much is not strategic. Expecting him to show some affection or to like you in return is not going to be effective. Men do not like demanding girls, especially when it comes to love; however, you will get him if you ask for some respect about your feelings, your time and your body.

Make him jealous. In recent times, guys want no commitment, but they feel it is not cool if his girl will get hooked up the next week with another guy. So, you have the choice. Go shopping. Hang out in the market a lot until the guy you really want ask you out and be his girlfriend.

Generate a slight mystery. I always tell women never to give a man your 100% (even if you are married). In every relationship, there is always a follower and a leader. Do not just be the shadow. Guys fret about the emotional neediness women requires. Fight that.

Slow down. You have a much better chance of becoming truly close to him if you permit ample time and room for friendship. It means not giving him the home run too soon. Get to know him first. Make him allot some time getting acquainted with you.

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