How to Make a Man Adore You! Follow This and You Will Start Witnessing Men Adore You More

Published: 01st September 2010
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If you truly want a man to run after you like a puppy running excitedly after its new master then there are several ways that can ensure that he simply adores you.

Look cute. It does not matter if you are not born cute as usually no one is. A little makeover can turn you into a cute girl that catches your man's eyes and heart almost immediately. Men get easily swayed by physical traits and a little makeover will anyway do no harm at all.

Do not try to change. If the man has been giving you the eye or has approached you as a friend then do not try desperately to change and turn into someone that you are not.

It is obvious that your dream man has seen or noticed something that he has liked and has thus approached you. Changing it might only turn him off and make you seem artificial.

Exhibit your maternal instinct. Guys do like to be pampered and complimented just like girls although they might not admit it openly. You too can praise the man of your dreams and exhibit your maternal instinct without actually looking motherly.

Your man will certainly adore you for the attention and love that you shower over him.

Get along with his friends and family. If you hit it off with his friends and family then he will be bursting with pride and happiness. Men are very worried that their girlfriends might not get along well with their friends or family and he will simply adore you for the efforts that you put in to make them comfortable with you.

Remain confident and positive in your own outlook. Do not look as if you are trying too hard to impress or please him. You should remain confident and positive as these attributes will surely attract him towards you.

Allow him to chase you. Always remain a little ahead of your man so that he ends up chasing you. This will keep the excitement alive as men are programmed for chasing women and submitting meekly or turning into a willing doormat will simply take the mystery away from the fledgling relationship.

Remain on a matching wavelength. In addition to pleasing him with your physical traits it is also vital that you keep pace with his wavelength. Intelligent discussions, common passions, and sharing the same interests will keep him in awe and adoration of you at all times.

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