How to Make a Guy Want You Emotionally! 7 Most Effective Ways to Make Him Like You Instantly

Published: 07th September 2010
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Men generally like to have casual relationships sans any commitments. If you too are not too keen on a commitment then it should not matter how you make him want you, however, if you want the guy for a long term relationship then it makes sense to make the guy emotionally want you

Here are 7 tips that will help you.

Assess the type of person he is
This is the first step you need to take. Assess the type of person he is, whether he is just looking to have a good time at the girls' expense or is he a shy and reluctant man that needs nudging. If you notice that he is a playboy kind of guy then you better stay away from him.

Show your interest
If the guy is shy to make known his true intentions then you take the first step and slowly show your interest in him. This can be done by hanging close to him or being within ear shot so that you can respond to any overtures. You may also approach him and begin a conversation.

Align your interests with his
Once you get talking to him you will learn of his interests, likes and dislikes. As a ploy try and nod your head in agreement to all he says and impress that your interests match his. However, you need to be careful when doing this or else he will see through your game.

Tell him frankly that you like him
Your honesty will surely strike a chord and he will respond either positively or be a bit ambiguous. However, men like to chase and win over girls, so, indicate to him that you genuinely like the type of person he is.

Make visible changes
As you are now aware of his likes and dislikes you will have to make certain changes so that you fit the profile of girls he prefers. This should not be very difficult if you want to bag him. However, let him see that you are seriously changing for him and him only. Once he realizes that you are making significant sacrifices to win him he will start to melt.

Give him all the freedom
This is the most important tip that you have to bear in mind. No man likes to be shackled. Give him his space and do not ever nag him or pester him to be with you. Just show your mature self to him.

Be his emotional anchor
Men may look very tough on the outside but on the inside are as soft as soft toys can be. In his hour of crisis give him the motivation and balance that he needs. You will have to become someone he can fall back on. Once you achieve this it will be only a matter of time before he pops the question to you.

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