How to Make a Guy Miss You? Here Are the Most Vital Things You Must Do to Make Him Miss You

Published: 01st September 2010
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Making a guy miss you is very important to get your relationship to evolve. When you are able to make a man miss you it is only then that he realizes your true worth. Here are some tested methods so that your guy begins to miss you in a good way.

Leave you scent behind
Always wear a signature perfume...a scent that stays with him even after you leave. Wear a shirt of his or sleep on his pillow so that whenever he uses any of these he is reminded of you.

Leave something of yours behind .
Leave something of yours strategically behind. It's one of the best ways to serve as a reminder of you. Be naughty or nice, the choice is yours...a single earring form a pair, a set of keys, the book you have been reading or lingerie...all serve as warm reminders that make a man miss you and make him look forward to meeting you again.

Make him see the obvious
Sometimes making a person see the obvious also helps when we want them to miss us. Show him a beautiful sunset, the city skyline, the beauty in a child eyes, the breath of the morning air...every time he sees any of the things that you have chanced to make him see and observe he will be compelled to think of you and miss you.

Give him a call but make it infrequent
When you are not around the idea is to make him miss you. Calling him all the time and giving him an hourly update is not going to serve that purpose. Space those calls out and keep them brief.

Send a post card or a letter
A letter or a postcard are very sweet and intimate and can make a person yearn for you. Instead of writing an email, document what all you have been up to in a letter. Send a picture of the two of you having a good time along with it and trigger bittersweet memories in his mind. He is bound to miss you.

Sound upbeat and happy
When you do call him don't sound miserable and depressed. You want him to miss the mirth and happiness that surrounds you. Sound upbeat about what you are doing and make him want to be with you.

Call and say good night
At the end of the day give him a call and just say "good night". People are loneliest at night and this gesture of yours will warm his heart and make him want to be with you even more.

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