How to Make a Guy Friend Like You - These Tricks Will Make Him See You As a Potential Future Mate

Published: 05th August 2010
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Many friendships end up in romantic relationships vis-a-vis many romantic relationships end in friendships. Falling in love with your guy friend is quite complicated. It's a win or lose situation and requires a cautious revelation and transition. Either you win his heart or you end as a simple acquaintance and just another familiar face.

So here are the ways to help you achieve a smooth and successful promotion:

Do not take advantage of your friendship
Know your boundaries and do not be aggressive with your feelings. Have respect for your current status as good friends. Let him feel that you were not pretending to be his friend because of some other agenda that you have in mind.

Keep him company
Your presence means a lot to him. Being with him whenever he wants to go out or asking him to go out with you increases his attachment to you. Also, it's best to be around when he's feeling down. This will guarantee you a special spot in his heart.

Let him feel your emotions
When you talk, talk in a way that has transcended into just mere casual talk to a deeper and sensible conversation. Do not detach the connection and keep things going freely.

Touch him longingly
Hugging or holding his hand is a sign that you want to treat him more than just a friend. Let the sensation feel a bit more meaningful and romantic. Once he connects with you, there's no telling where it would to lead next.

Tell him you like him more than just a friend
Being frank about your feelings at the right time will help avoid any misunderstandings with your relationship. It's better to tell him what you truly want to be in his life rather than keep it to yourself.

Don't pressure him
Tell him that it's not mandatory to agree with what you feel. Tell him that you are giving him time to comprehend things and to decide on what is best for both of you. Express your hopefulness to bring your relationship to a higher level.

Avoid feeling awkward with him
While you are still friends, don't change gears. Treat him well like the way you usually treat him. Stay confident with yourself by not avoiding him. Face him with confidence each time because, after all, your intentions were pure and sincere. It was what your heart truly felt and you wanted to stay as genuine to this good guy friend of yours.

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