How to Make a Guy Feel More & More Attracted to You Each Day! Read These Tricks Right Now

Published: 09th August 2010
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If you have triumphed in making your ideal guy approach you, your next task is to keep him wanting you. It may not be as easy as it appears to be but you can definitely do it. Try the suggestions listed below and you would see how your man would go to you like a moth to a flame:

Keep him coming back for more

Always leave a room for next time. Give him satisfaction and allow him to crave for you. This can be applicable to your bedroom encounters or even with simple things such as cooking him the best meals.

Give him a chance to miss you

Don't be there for him all the time. Let him feel that your absence creates a kind of void or longing inside of him. Make him excited to see you again. A time off from each other is a good way for you to make him miss you and vice versa. Don't tug along with him all the time. Remember that you're his girlfriend not his shadow!

Hold back on many things about you

Don't make your first date be the moment where you reveal everything about yourself. Make him ask you for a second date and slowly feed him with information about yourself. Give him one little piece of information each time and you would notice how he will yearn to complete the puzzle which is you.

Try your very best not to nag

Men just hate women who nag. Don't ever commit the mistake of nagging, as it will surely drive your man farther and farther away each time. Men cannot stand the noise that nagging brings, it's just very irritating to their ears.

Remain independent

Don't treat your man like your personal attendant. Be able to do things alone and don't be too dependent on him all the time. If you keep depending on him, this will give your man a picture that you are not that strong-emotionally.

Respect his manhood

Being a man requires that you're always in charge and would not easily give in to any type of turmoil. Once a man feels that he's no longer in charge or he is being disrespected in any way, he will have no choice but to let go of you.

Respect his friends and family

Try talking nastily about his friends or relatives and you would surely send him away-for good. These people are at the very core of his existence so any form of badmouthing will not earn you his attention.

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