How to Make a Guy Fall For You! 7 Secrets Which Will Make Any Guy Fall Hopelessly in Love With You

Published: 07th September 2010
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You have spotted your prince charming and want him to fall for you, however, you do not want to make a mess of your efforts lest he ignores you or plainly refuses to play ball. Well, in such a situation you need to know how to make a guy fall for you.

These 7 tips will help you come closer to the guy you fancy.

Get all the info on the guy
Before you make a move you will need to have all the info that you can get from all sources about his likes and dislikes. This information can be obtained from his close friends/colleagues/family members. If the guy in question is on social networking sites, then getting this information will be a lot easier. A note of caution, not all the information put on such sites is true and you will have to do some cross checking yourself.

Find out the types of girls he prefers
Without doubt all men prefer girls that have good hair, voluptuous curves, and clear complexion. However, this does not mean that if you don't have these qualities he will shun you. You can always impress him with your intellect. But for this you will need to get closer to him.

Slowly gain entry into his circle
Just make sure that you are presentable and approachable. Once you do this you can now try to get closer to him by befriending his close pals. If you have to, get yourself a makeover to look attractive.

Become good friends first
No guy will fall in love with a stranger, it only happens in the movies not in real life. You will need to first become a friend that he trusts and is comfortable being with. Do not stick to him like glue. Keep your distance but inch closer every day.

Show that you care
Going out of the way to help him will surely impress him and he will begin to rely on you. If your guy is busy with sporting activities in school you may help him out in completing his assignments. If both of you are working professionals you could help him fine tune his presentations or help in compiling his reports. The key here is to tell him that you like him and are ready to do anything that will lighten his workload.

Let him be the man
Once in a while let him do things for you that only men can. This could be anything from repairing your car or paying your bills in a restaurant. This will satisfy and massage his ego.

Wait your turn
There are times when he would want to hang out with his buddies in the pub or elsewhere. Give him the space and the time to be himself. This way he will not avoid you and will start liking you even more. Once you have reached this point in your relationship either he will tell you directly that he loves you or will show by his actions that he has fallen for you.

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