How to Make a Guy Crazy For You? Here is How to Make Him Run After You Like Anything

Published: 01st September 2010
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Its every woman's dream to not only be able to attract their dream guy but to be able to maintain the guy's interest and finally develop a relationship with him. To be able to do this she should have the techniques and tools necessary to become a guy magnet. These tips will help you become so "hot" that the guys will go crazy over you.

Never settle for second best
Remember you have to have the confidence and the skills to attract the guys. You want them to see you just as you are, without having to pretend to be someone else. You have to see yourself as a person who deserves the best. So go ahead and boost your ego and self confidence.

You have to be physically attractive
No man is going to be able to resist you if you are sexually attractive. This means you will have to work on your body. Get in shape and accentuate those curves. The guy will love a glimpse of your cleavage or long legs.

Titillate his senses
Use a seductive fragrance or perfume to set the mood whenever you are with him. Show him that you are fine with physical intimacy up to a point till you are ready to take it to the next level. If you give less then you will get more than giving all you got right away.

Get your timing right
Learn to read between the lines. Use social settings and ambiences that make you feel comfortable and easy to be yourself. Avoid places that are not your scene. Make sure you own your sexuality - you will be most alluring and exciting.

Put your best foot forward
Pay attention to your appearance and prove that you are someone a man would be proud to be seen with. If you catch the eye of all his friends he is going to be thrilled and flattered that you belong to him. This will make him want you even more.

Be the genuine article
To be crazy about you a guy has to admire and respect you first or else all you will get is attention which will not last. When a guy sees that you are truly being yourself and are genuine and honest he will relax around you and find it easier to love you. Be the person he can rely on to have a great time.

Be flexible and spontaneous
Men themselves are spontaneous and love to do the unexpected. A woman who is ready to fall in with a guy's plans and cater to his whims and fancies is automatically considered desirable. Pamper the guy and make him feel like he is special - he will love you for that.

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