How to Make a Guy Crazy For You? Here Are the Tricks Which Will Make Him Want You Like Crazy

Published: 01st September 2010
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If you have only been playing eye-games with the guy that you like then it is time to activate his hormones so that he turns crazy for you.

Use these tips to make him notice you and chase you until you finally relent.

Use body language to attract him. You can use body language to turn on his hormone tap. A simple twist of your body towards him, a flip of your hair or an innocent hip-swaying walk before him will get him sweating like a man in a sauna. Simply act like a girl to get your chosen guy crazy over you.

Retain eye-contact and humor when he approaches you. Once he becomes bold enough to approach you then remember to look at him in his eyes to show interest and use a little light humor to make him comfortable.

He will surely be mesmerized and laughter is anyway the best method to melt that ice quickly between both of you.

Remain mysterious. Do not open the book of your life and begin reading all the chapters before your dream guy. Instead remain cordial and even a little aloof while still remaining inviting through your eyes.

This mysterious attitude will baffle him but yet attract him towards you like a helpless moth flapping frantically towards that bright light.

Agree for a date but retain your dignity. If your besotted guy asks you for a date then you can agree calmly without doing the twist. You should also remember to retain your dignity during that date and all subsequent dates without offering your physical virtues on a platter.

If he is indeed the right guy then he will respect your decision and his admiration will get transformed into crazy love even as his desire deepens for you.

Stay on the same mental page. It is also important to stay on the same mental page and sympathize with him during any topic if you share the same views.

This will please him no end as he will feel that you truly understand him.

Support your guy. If your guy wants some support then be there for him without imposing any conditions. Let him be aware that you are there because you want to be there. This will make him appreciate your presence and turn him all-the-more crazy for you.

Remain honest in your approach. Trying underhand methods such as trying to arouse jealousy or nagging your guy to get his attention might backfire badly. Instead remain honest in your approach and enjoy being chased by your smitten guy.

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