How to Make a Guy Chase You Around! Do These and You Won't Have Trouble Attracting Men

Published: 07th September 2010
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No matter how beautiful a woman is there is always a little self doubt in her that she is probably not dating material. If you feel the same way then you are not alone. When a guy chases you it gives your ego a big boost and this is reflected by way of brighter glow on your face. However, you need to follow these simple tips so that the guy you set your eyes on begins the chase.

Stop acting
Try and be your normal self. Do not put on an act and complicate the matter. If your man wanted an actor he would have gone to LA. Although men don't say it in as many words but they definitely prefer women who are simple yet desirable.

Dress well
Dressing sensibly and being overdressed are two different things. If you are comfortable in what you wear and are able to carry it well then you don't have to worry about the latest trends. However, try and be contemporary in your choice of clothes.

Maintain your poise
You should always appear dignified and in control. Do not ever compromise on your values no matter how hard the guy tries. This will make him respect you more and he will become a fan of yours. The guy will in fact become protective of you and will shield you in difficult situations.

Body language
More than your tongue let your body should do all the talking so that you are the only one he focuses on. Make eye contact whenever speaking to him and don't forget to bat those lovely eyelashes seductively.

Send him a signal or two so that he gets the message. The guy needs to know that he is not barking up the wrong tree. A coy smile or a mischievous wink or whatever else you feel appropriate for the occasion will do.

Get a little physical
This is the penultimate step that you have to take. Whenever you are together or in a group touch him lightly and let your hand linger on him for just that extra second. However, do it in such a way that it does not look obvious. The idea is to just excite him, nothing more.

Be available
Guys generally are shy of chasing girls that hang out in groups. Make it a point that you are not always surrounded by your friends. This will make you approachable and he will be tempted to approach you. Once he does that make him comfortable and continue flirting without giving in, do this a few times and he will begin the chase in all earnest.

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