How to Make a Guy Ask You Out! Here is Something Which Will Make it All Very Easy For You

Published: 07th September 2010
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You have seen a really wonderful guy and think that the two of you will really make an ideal pair. However, your guy refuses to make the first move. It is time you took matters in your own hands and did things so that he asks you out. His indifference could mean two things, either he is too shy or needs a little bit of nudging. Use these seven tips so that he asks you out.

Get an introduction
There are two ways to get an introduction. First, ask a friend to introduce you to him or go straight ahead and introduce yourself. Make a small polite conversation about the recent happenings, the weather, or your office and move on. Don't begin discussing personal issues in the first meeting itself.

Slowly but steadily inch closer
After the first few meetings when the comfort level has increased you may start talking about personal issues like family, interests or hobbies. This is also the time when you show your sense of humor by cracking a few good jokes. This will immediately make him more than comfortable in your presence and he will look forward to meeting you.

Show your interest
You have to prove to him that you are interested in him without making it obvious. Show interest in his area of interest and pay attention when he speaks passionately about it. Once he knows that you are good listener he will open up even more.

Dress attractively
Always dress well but never overdress or overdo your makeup. If you think looking like a Christmas tree will charm him, you are wrong. Being dressed well means that you appear presentable and pleasant.

Show him that you have a good sense of humor
Crack intelligent jokes or impersonate your colleagues or teachers to make him laugh heartily. He will look forward to meeting you very often.

Meet him when he is alone
Try and meet him when he is alone and not with a group of friends or colleagues. This will give you a chance to get a little physical with him. Just let your hand linger over his thigh a little longer or hold his arm while walking or lean on him for support. You need to do this subtly.

Give him hints that you enjoy his company
When the two of you are together make it a point to hint that you love these moments and look forward to them. Tell him that he is the only one you trust and like to hang around with. This will give him confidence and sooner rather than later he will ask you out for a date.

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