How to Look Irresistible to Man! Follow These Tips & Make Men Notice You Instantly

Published: 11th August 2010
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Some women can so easily attract men to them. They are the ones who have men flocking around them all the time. What is that quality that makes these women so irresistible? Thankfully, it's not just one thing that makes or breaks this design of irresistibly. It's a number of things put together that makes a woman irresistible. Here is what you need to know to become irresistible to men.

Look gorgeous
In order to be irresistible you have to visually stimulate a man. So you need to look gorgeous. Do not limit this to wearing nice clothes but make sure that you have great skin and hair and a good sense for hygiene. Don't neglect your hands and feet and get regular manicures and pedicures to have nice hands and peds.

Now that you have your look in place, make sure you get your confidence in order. There is a very thin line that separates confidence and arrogance. While confidence is irresistible arrogance is always avoided.

Men also find the successful woman irresistible. Have an aura of success surround you. This comes from being satisfied with what you do and taking pleasure in your job. If you are one of those alpha women who trail blazes through the corporate board room; great but its fine even if you don't. Just feel successful in what you do and you'll have accomplished the aura.

Being confident and successful often leads women to act like men. If you want to be irresistible to men than you have to work hard on being feminine. This is one quality that makes men go weak in the knees. So, don't hesitate to bring out your nurturing and caring side.

A sense of humor
A woman with a sense of humor is a rare gem according to men. To be irresistible make sure that your sense of humor is up and you are having a good time with him. Laugh out loud at his jokes and crack him up with yours. He will find you charmingly irresistible.

The shy flirting
Overt women are attractive but the shy flirt is irresistible. It's the childlike quality with which most women flirt that makes the men they are with go weak in the knees. So go ahead and flirt but never overstep the line and even if you do say something really overt look shocked! Your man will find you completely irresistible.

Avoid desperation
Desperation is a very negative quality. To be irresistible to men make sure that you give out the aura of being a self assured person who is simply out to have a good time.

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