How to Look Irresistible to a Man! Leading Tactics Which Will Make the Whole Process Easier For You

Published: 09th August 2010
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What makes a woman irresistible? Is it her looks? The way she carries herself? There are different reasons why a woman is found irresistible. Some women use it as an advantage, some women on the other hand are not aware of these factors. If you are part of the latter, below are some tips about what men find irresistible in a woman.

Your sense of humor sets you apart.

Men love to be with a woman who knows how to laugh at herself and knows how to laugh at other people's joke. It is an undeniable glow which invites men to approach a woman. When a woman laughs, it is a joy for a man to see her and every man would fight for such lightheartedness.

Your active lifestyle is a great come-on, too.

It is attractive for a man to know that your world does not revolve solely on him. He wants a woman who has goals and excels in her chosen field. Being busy in your career, in your hobby or in your sport is a major turn on to him.

Your confidence will always keep him open-mouthed.

A man can easily spot a confident woman the moment she enters a room. There is a certain body movement that a woman does to convey her confidence. It is seen with the way she talks, the way she walks, and even with the way she stands.

Your brain and your ability to turn it into words.

A man loves a woman who is opinionated and has a say in most things. You don't have to know everything; you just have to know a little about everything.

Your femininity and beauty.

With the way you dress, the way you handle things, the way you move gracefully across the room-these are the very things that men consciously notice. The feminine things you do and the way you look before and after a date matter, too. Men simply go gaga over these things.

Your childlike attitude.

Being childlike is not synonymous to childish. Childish attitude means immaturity. Being childlike is being a woman who still keeps her child-like heart. Watching you play on the park, or seeing you laugh out loud while tuning in to the Cartoon Network is a pleasure for men.

Your emotions-but not the turbulent ones.

Believe it or not, no matter how men whine about you being emotional, in the deepest recesses of his heart, he actually likes it. You can play the jealous type of girl at times but be careful not to overdo it or he might think that you're suffocating him.

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