How to Know Whether My Ex Still Wants Me Back Or Not? Here is What Will Bring the Truth Out Fast

Published: 07th September 2010
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You had to slowly and carefully nurse back your heart to existence when your ex left you. It was very hard on your part to accept the fact that your ex left you as you were together for a long time. Then during one of your night out with some friends, you saw your ex coming towards you. Why would your ex come near you? What does your ex want? Does your ex want you back?

Do you think the meeting was deliberate? - What are the chances that you and your ex bumped into each other? Find out if the meeting was accidental or deliberate. You can ask some of your company if anyone of them recently talked with your ex. Your ex might have asked anyone of your friends on your probable whereabouts that night.
If the meeting was deliberate your ex might still be interested with you.

Did your ex ask about your current love life? - Why would your ex ask about your love life if he/she is not still interested in you? Your ex very well know that in asking, you might misunderstood his/her true intention. You might actually think that your ex wants you back.

Did you take a good look at your ex's facial expression? - You are very well versed on your ex's facial expressions. You know if he/she is sad, or forlorn and longing or simply being cordial. Based on your ex's facial expression, you will be able to tell if still likes you or is longing to be with you again.

Your ex seemed glued to your side. - You were supposed to be enjoying a night out with your friends but the accidental meeting with your ex changed that. Your ex can't seem to leave your side. It's as if he/she was glued to you. It's great that your friends do not mind the extra company. Or it might be that you friends do not mind since they were "in" the plan from the start.

Your ex calls you the next day.- It was nice seeing your ex again. You know you still like your ex but you are not so sure if your ex still likes you or wants you back. You were ready to take the meeting to mean nothing when suddenly the phone rings. This is a good indication that your ex is still wants you back.

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