How to Know If Your Ex Wants You Back? Read This Before It's Too Late For You

Published: 10th September 2010
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It has been weeks or maybe even months after your breakup. You are still hurting but not as much as before. You have started to go out on dates and are basically having some fun with your friends. The out of the blue, you bumped into your ex. You said hi and good bye and thought of nothing of it. The following day, your ex called you. Does your ex want you back?

Why did your ex call? - If your ex called for a legitimate reason like asking you to please return his or her laptop after months of lending it to you, then that call does not count. If your ex called because of some lame excuse, then your ex might be trying to "feel" the situation.

Was the meeting accidental? Find out if bumping into you the other night was accidental. You can ask your ex outright or you can weave in and out of a conversation and find out about it this way.

Ask your ex's friends - Go ahead and call up your ex's friends. Fish for information but go about it in a subtle way. You might want to say "hello" first and then shoot your questions in not so obvious ways. You could probably integrate into the conversation how you bumped into your ex the other night and take it from there.

Wait for other signs - After your ex's unexpected call, wait, (but not really wait as in sitting by the phone and waiting and willing for it to ring), for a follow-up call. If your ex calls you up or send you a text message after a day or two again, the there probably is some meaning about it. If you still want your ex back, then encourage him or her. If not, be courteous but say you've move on.

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