How to Know If Your Ex Wants You Back - This Will Show You What's Going on Within Seconds

Published: 07th September 2010
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Pride is a funny thing - it can cause the hungry to stay hungry, and the lonely to keep being lonely, so as long as they don't get rejected. If you've just been through a hurtful breakup, and you want your ex back, chances are you are still apprehensive about making a move. After all, you'd rather hold it in than be rejected. Being rejected would hurt twice, as it feels like a second hit from an already painful breakup.

So, many people look for signs first, before they do anything to pursue the ex-love of their lives. This is so there is less room for mistakes. If you're wondering what signs to look for to gauge your ex's interests, here are the most indicative ones. Good luck reading your ex. If done the right way, you'll know just what to do to win them back.

They entertain your calls. This is a give-away. An ex who is not interested in talking will avoid you. However, if he or she takes the time to talk, then it is safe to assume that they are still interested. However, be careful and observe how he or she communicates. They may also only be entertaining your calls because they want to keep in touch on a casual, non-romantic setting.

They don't show discomfort when you act sweet. Exes feel a big fat wall between them that prevents them from acting as sweet as they were back in the relationship. If you feel that your ex has broken down the wall, and seems comfortable with your when you express how you miss them, or that you are thinking of them, you can thank your lucky stars. They may not reciprocate, but simply showing that they are open to your efforts is a good point to be confident about.

They are willing to talk about should-haves. A bitter ex will not want to discuss a relationship. It is either too painful or irrelevant. If an ex sits down with you and actively engages in a heart- to-heart talk about how the relationship could've been different, you can assume that he or she still wishes you were together. Otherwise, why bother crying over spilled milk? If an ex participates in a conversation like this, it means they have also been thinking about how they can change to make it better next time.

They seem oblivious to new people. Rebounding is common after a breakup, but some people choose not to. If your ex has been surrounded by people of the opposite sex wanting to get on their good side, but he or she has been uninterested, perhaps there's a space in their heart only you can fill. And, they're not letting someone else take its place because they are waiting on you to make your move.

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