How to Know If Your Ex Still Loves You? 4 Clear Cut Signs That Prove Your Ex is Still in Love!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Do you know if your ex still loves you or not? What if he/she does? Well you won't know for sure unless you use these 4 clear cut signs to tell if your ex still loves you!

Read on to find out the 4 clear cut signs which will prove that your ex is still in love with you...

#4: Your ex makes you their TOP priority

He/she has literally put you at the top of all of their priorities. It means that if they are doing something and you call, they will drop what they are doing to talk to you, even if they are busy. Your ex will also be the first person to help you when you need, and they even offer to help you always WITHOUT you asking.

This is because your ex finds you to be important to them, and they care. You can also tell that your ex still loves you if they are always calling you daily, and have practically made it part of their schedule to contact you in one way or another almost everyday.

#3: Your ex always talks about the past

They are always going on about things you did together before, and how you used to like this or that. Your ex will remember random things which maybe you had even forgot, but this is because your ex still loves you and because he/she is still in love with you.

You will even notice that your ex has even kept everything from the past. Including things which you think they should have thrown out by now. It may be notes you wrote, a picture, a card etc...

This is an obvious sign that your ex is not over you yet, and it's even more obvious when he/she always concentrates on YOU and the past they shared with YOU.

#2: Your ex has NOT dated still

Not only has your ex avoided any exclusive relationships, he/she becomes extremely jealous at the idea of you with someone else. This is an obvious sign that your ex still loves you, and it's especially true if your ex has literally brushed off many people to stay single for you!

#1: Your ex tells you how they feel

There is nothing more obvious than this, when your ex is telling you they miss you, and want you, and would like to meet you. Sure, they may not say it as often, and may only say it once in a while, but this is only because they are afraid you might react badly.

BUT, none the less, if your ex has expressed that they care about you, want to see you, like you still, miss you etc... it's obvious that he/she still has feelings for you, and it's even more obvious because your ex is still able to express those feelings!

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