How to Know If a Man Likes You Or Not - 7 Sure Shot Ways to Read His Mind Almost Instantly

Published: 07th September 2010
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As a single woman who is seeing a man it is quite a challenge to know if the man in question really likes you or is he into a short term relationship that is more physical than emotional. These seven tips will help you determine if he really likes you or is just having a fling to satisfy his needs.

Don't misinterpret his behavior towards you as genuine liking
He may be the most gentle of men you have ever met. He is courteous with you and is frank and forthright when talking to you. However, do not trust your instincts that this means he likes you. Observe him closely and you will notice that he a perfect gentleman with other women too. He is just a good human being.

He is interested in everything about you
If your man shows genuine interest in all that concerns you then it definitely means that he likes you. However, you still need to know more about him. If he is all ears when you speak and gives you all the attention then he surely likes you.

He makes an effort to find out your likes and dislikes
A person who is genuinely interested in you will go any length to know your likes and dislikes. He may either ask you directly or try to find this information from your family or friends if he is the shy types.

He approaches you confidently
If he approaches you confidently and asks you out then he does not have any hidden agenda. The very fact that he is not beating around the bush should confirm that he likes you and wants to say so directly.

He does not give up
You reject his advances but he does not give up. He remains your friend and waits for his turn and asks you again. Well, only someone who likes you would do that. Why would a guy want to face the ignominy of rejection over and over again?

He is interested in a relationship
After the first few dates if he confesses that he wants a long term relationship with you and does not make any attempt to get physical with you then he likes you and does not want to mess up things by rushing into physical intimacy. This is a very good indicator that he likes you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

You are his priority number one all the time
Whether it is hanging out with other guys on weekends or going for a ball game, he prefers your company and gives up some of his passions just to be with you then it means that he likes you too much.

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