How to Know If a Man is Into You! Sure Fire Signs You Must Look For in Order to Know If He Likes You

Published: 10th August 2010
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There are so many men out there that you get to meet each day. Some may seem nice to you, and some are very manly while others just don't seem to be bothered by your existence. Men's behavior is easy to interpret; here are some things to guide you so you would know if a man is into you:

He just can't stop staring at you
If a man focuses his gaze on you for a long time and looking at you intimately, for sure he is attracted to you and is swept off by your charm. As he stares at you, he surely wants you to stare back at him. Usually, a guy's interest in a woman can be seen in his eyes.

He studies your movement
A guy who looks at you from a distance and studies your behavior is truly interested in you. Men are easily attracted to a girl's physical attributes but a few of them also consider the inner beauty of a woman. He often bases his impression on your behavior.

He's always offering a helping hand
If a man always comes to your rescue like a knight in shining armor, he likes you. He would always find an opportunity to help you. He might help you carry your bag, or help you finish your project or even hurries to pick up something you dropped.

He befriends your best friend
Usually a guy who likes you would befriend your best friend so he can get closer to you or get some information about you. He might ask your best friend your cell phone number or ask her what your favorite things are. He would do this if he can't get to you right away.

He contacts you constantly
If you often receive text messages or calls from a guy, then you can conclude that he is attracted to you. He's doing this so can be updated on what's going on in your life. IF you like the guy, this may not bother you, but if you don't, surely you'll get annoyed of this behavior so be honest with him from the onset.

He always tries to look good
Every time you see him, he's always dressed nicely and smells good and fresh. It's as if he wants you to be impressed by his looks. He may even try a new hair cut, try on new styles or even have his nails cleaned, thinking you might notice even the smallest details.

He might even ask if you have a boyfriend
In some ways, guys can be very overt about how they feel for a girl. Just to make sure that he has a chance to be with you, he'd ask you outright if you have a boyfriend. When you answer "no", this will give him hope so he can win you. He'll surely put his best foot forward so prepare to be wooed.

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