How to Know If a Man is Into You - Here Are the Tricks Which Will Help You Read His Mind Instantly

Published: 09th August 2010
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You like this gorgeous hunk who keeps looking at you but you are not sure that he is really into you or not. There are plenty of ways to find if he likes you as much as you like him. Take a look at these tips that will let you know the facts.

Watch him closely
Make sure you have not missed out any thing about him. Have you just been blown away by his looks and have missed the fact that he wears a wedding ring or is "already taken"? Look around and check if he is really alone or is with someone else so that you don't waste your time trying to hook him.

Is he ogling you back?
Are you enjoying the "eye contact"? Be sure that you are the only one he eyeing! Check if he looks at other women the way he does you. If he does then he is obviously not into you and is a guy who loves flirting with other women. Steer clear from him if this is the case. On the other hand if he has eyes just for you - he likes you!

Respond to his attention
The next time you see him looking like you like you were the most beautiful girl in the world - smile sweetly at him and watch his reaction. If he reacts by coming over or saying hello and trying to make friends with you, then yes, he is into you.

Is he always around?
If the guy is in to you, then he will endeavor to be around you all the time. You will see him wherever you go and you will be sure that it is no coincidence! He will try to have the same friend circle so that he can meet you without it looking to obvious. He will single you out and try to get a date with you.

He will try to call you
Once he has your telephone number, be sure to be bombarded with messages, telephone calls and invitations. These are obvious signs that he is into you and wants to date you. On the other hand if he ignores you completely and does not try to get in touch with you- he is not interested.

Test him
If you have a hunch that he likes you, then you could test him by appearing on the scene on the arm of another guy. This would make him upset and he will most probably show his disapproval in some way or the other, proving that he is into you.

Is he always trying to impress you
You will notice if he's always trying to impress you. His whole behavior will change around you and he will try to be on his best behavior. This is a sure sign that he is interested in you and is trying to get your attention and love.

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