How to Know If a Man is in to You - 7 Tell-Tale Signs Which Will Show You If He is Into You Or Not

Published: 10th August 2010
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If there was one thing guys were not made to be great at, it would be expressing their feelings. It is as if they have the inherent idea that being emotional and verbal about one's emotions is "unmanly" and contradicts the macho effect they're trying to project. We'll leave them to their ideologies, but it does not mean that guys are also devoid of feelings. They feel much, and they feel true, and here's how to know if a man is really into you.

You're often the butt of his jokes.

Nobody has anything weird to say about your gorgeous hair, but he teases you endlessly about your crown of glory. He calls you cute teasing names, and he wants to be the only one to call you that. A guy who likes you but is scared of showing affection will do the exact opposite in order to "conceal" how he feels. It sounds highschool-ish, but many adult guys still fall into this tendency.

He completely ignores you when his friends are around.

When high school happened, some parts of your guy got stuck there and never left. His friends have an inkling that he has a little (or a big crush on you) and he doesn't want them making a big deal out of it, so he tries his best to lay low whenever you're around. But notice, that the quieter he becomes, his friends will trip up and act up even more, giving his feelings away.

He does all the old-school gentlemanly things for you.

This is a classic, especially if you don't have your guy friends do this for you often. He holds doors, pulls out chairs and seems to be always there to offer to carry your stuff. This is a good sign. It means, he may not show you outright how much he's into you, but he's willing to let you know he respects you and wants to do little things for you.

There's always something he wants to know.

You tell him you're a veterinarian, and suddenly he's got a pet dog. You tell him you're studying to be a doctor, and he calls you at random parts of the day to ask you about a certain random ailment. You're an environmentalist, and he's recently joined a group that supports community recycling. Now he can stay with his PSPs and his basketball - loving buddies, but why does he now seem completely interested with what you do?

It's all in the little acts.

A guy who is into you will attempt to break any barriers, even physical ones. When you talk, does he look straight into your eyes? Does he casually tuck your hair behind your ear? Does he often give you light pats on the shoulder, or touches your hand lightly when you're talking?
He's scared you'll see it all.

One of the most credible tricks to know if a guy is into you is to, during a conversation, while he's looking at you, gaze into his eyes and hold you stare. He will feel like all his secrets are about to be found out through the mirrors of his soul, so he will break that stare and smile sheepishly. Try it.

He wants to be your gal pals' pal.

Now why would a guy want to be friends with an all-girls' clique? The thing is, he wants to be friends with them so he can use their pointers to get to know you better and at the same time, gain their approval, so that they talk you into liking him back. But if all his other tricks have worked on you, you don't need your friends to let you know, do you?

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