How to Know If a Guy Will Ask You Out! Here is How to Instantly Read His Mind & Find Out the Truth

Published: 23rd August 2010
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Some women are very confident in their appearance or general level of attractiveness to men. Many don't have trouble knowing if a guy's interested enough in them to ask them out. But for most, it's a confusing topic. There are a few signs you can use to figure it out, and then maybe all he needs is a little encouragement from you.

Does he pay attention to you? Does he notice you when you're around, even in a large crowd of people? Perhaps watching you from a distance, and often when you aren't necessarily paying attention. If so, he's probably pretty interested, especially if it seems he can't help himself. If he just has to look whenever you're around, that's a pretty good sign.

Does he really listen to what you say? A guy whose actually interested in you is going to listen when you talk. Even if what you're talking about isn't really a topic he would choose to discuss, if he's interested, he's going to actually hear what you have to say. He's going to find it interesting enough to talk about just because it means being able to talk to you.

Does he remember things you told him in the past? Remembering what you've said in the past is a strong sign a guy is interested enough to ask you out. He listens to what you say and finds it important enough to remember.

Do you have more than just brief conversations? When you talk, does he seem to want to talk longer? Or maybe he seems to have a hard time dragging himself away to go back to work or whatever else it is that he has on his plate. If you're conversations are more than just chatting or small talk, you can take that as a good sign.

Do you talk about meaningful things? Like the length of your conversations, the type of topics you cover can be a sign of a guy's interest. If he's comfortable enough with you to talk about important things, especially those that are close to his own heart, you can bet he's attracted to you.

Does he flirt with you or tease you? Some guys are just flirty in their personality type, especially in their interactions with women, but you can still use this as a sign of interest, especially if other signs are also present. If he teases you in a playful way, then he's probably attracted to you too. Teasing, no matter how old you are, is often a way people show interest.

Does he smile when he sees you? If the sight of you always brings a big smile immediately to his face, he's genuinely happy to see you. This is a good sign, particularly when he's having a bad day or is in a bad mood. If his bad mood disappears with your appearance, he's definitely interested enough to ask you out.

Does he seek you out? A guy who starts to seek you out is one whose interested in asking you out. If he's interested enough to find you, then he's attracted to you. It's his attraction that makes him look for you or stop by.

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