How to Know If a Guy Will Ask You Out! Here Are the Real Secrets to Figure Him Out Right Away

Published: 09th August 2010
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A man will throw out subtle hints, but you need to be able to read them. Guys have a way of letting you know when they want to take you out before they even ask the question. If you are able to understand these little signals than you will never worry if he is interested or not. Here are a few simple tips that will let you know beyond a shadow of a doubt.

A man will ask you out when:

- He is sure, he's sure-

Men like to test the waters. They like to see if you are the right fit for them. When the timing feels right to them they will invite you out.

Watch his body language-
Sometimes it is all in the way he acts around you. If he is nervous or tries to boast, those little signs can suggest that he is really into you and wants to take the friendship a little further, maybe with a movie and dinner for two somewhere really special!

He's asking question after question-
If a man asks you multiple questions about what you like and where you like to go, nine times out of ten he is gearing himself up to ask you out. So play it cool when answering his questions. You don't want him to think your not interested.

He is always complementing you
When a man can't get enough of saying nice things to you, that means he really likes you and might be trying to muster up enough courage to ask you out.

He may try a little tenderness
A man may begin to sweet talk you. He may even try to behave a little bit sweeter when he is about to ask you out. You will notice the way he gazes into your eyes when speaking.

If at first he doesn't succeed
Men love a little chase. It is in their nature. So if he does ask you out and you are not ready to go, just say no; maybe next time. If he really wants to spend time with you he will not give up. But don't play hard to get to long, or he may just give up.

He's headed for the pass
Now that he feels he is ready to ask you out, he may want to make sure you are available. When he asks this question, and he discovers you have nothing to do, then he will surely ask you out on a very romantic date.

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