How to Know If a Guy Likes You Or Not - 7 Sure Fire Tricks to Read His Mind Almost Instantly

Published: 06th September 2010
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They say real men are men of few words. Their actions do the talking for them, and on those rare occasions when they actually speak, the words they utter are deeply meant. Whether this is true or not, the opposite sex is often misled by how men show, and react to certain emotions.

Society has dictated women to wait for a man to make the first move, so many women end up guessing, and second-guessing a guy's actions and words. And even if the modern gal does put a brave foot forward to ask a guy out, she would still have to read his signs to know whether he's interested or not. The challenge begins when women have absolutely no clue as to what guys mean when they act certain ways. Here are some truths about men, and how to know when they are hooked.

1. He may stare, or avoid your eyes altogether. A guy who's into you would do anything to stare into your pretty eyes, because it's his way of letting you know he's interesting. But then, when you look back, his nerves start to get all jittery, and he has to look away. It's a little known fact that people who can look at others straight in the eye are sincere and honest, but cut the guy some slack. He's probably still as apprehensive as you are.

2. In a sea of people and familiar faces, he seems to see only you. At a party, does he seem to always seem to be "accidentally" bumping into you? Do you turn around, and catch him in the corner of your eye, looking at you and wanting your attention? He probably hasn't said it out loud yet, but when a guy no longer notices the long legs and beautiful faces around him, and gets tunnel-vision around you, he definitely likes you.

3. He gets flustered and may stammer when talking to you. He wants to make a good impression, but he's not quite sure what to say. You wouldn't believe the number of times he's rehearsed his hello.

4. He pays more attention to you during a conversation, and asks questions instead of talking about himself. When he actually talks to you, watch his ability to converse. Notice how your guy friends will actually have the tendency to talk about themselves, therefore boring you to death. But a guy who really likes you will put you first. He will ask questions that will get you talking, and will react empathetically to everything you say. A mistake many men make is when they become too patronizing, but it's probably a way to make a girl see that they're on her side.

5. He's always the knight ready to rescue the damsel in distress. Why is he always so willing to drive you home? Why does he always seem to offer to help you out? This is a giveaway. While other guys would rather play their PSPs and watch baseball on TV with their guy friends, this guy will be catering to your every whim. You may not even notice it. He may start small - carrying your stuff for you, holding a door for you, pulling a chair for you to sit on, etc. Suddenly he's a perfect gentleman.

6. He gets you sweet nothings, just because. This is a giveaway, and once he starts spending on you, you know he's really interested. Flowers? Chocolates? Cute little stuffed bears? Surprise lunch? There's nothing more to say to that.

7. Final clue. His friends act funny when you're around. We reveal everything to our girl friends, and so do guys. They let their friends know who they're crushing on, and that's why you'll see his friends nudging each other, fidgeting, or simply teasing him about you. There you go. Wait and see, and let the magic of love make a move.

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